When Business Looks Really Good

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote the post, When Business Doesn’t Look Good Enough.  Today’s post is my take on the other side.

Today was a very good business day.  It was my best single day this year in the same type of sales event that produced my worst single day two weeks ago.  I wish for myself and everyone else such success in every endeavor, but that isn’t realistic.  Yes, wish for the best, but accept it all.  Ups and downs are inevitable.

Part of trusting Daddy (Heavenly Father) is to know His hand is on us, no matter the result.  I notice that my fleshly tendency is to blame God when things go wrong, acknowledging that I may have contributed to the failure.  I have another fleshly tendency to thank God when things go well, while acknowledging the many good things I contributed to the success.  In spiritual reality, it isn’t that way.

When things go bad, I probably did contribute to it; however, I should be thanking Daddy for never leaving me in any circumstance.  God is fully present upholding me and the business on every bad day.  That is a faith statement, and I believe it.  When things go well, I may have had nothing to do with it, and God is fully present, celebrating with me in that circumstance.  It’s about believing in the Goodness of Daddy, period.

I see this believing in Daddy’s Goodness always, as a key to being fulfilled as an entrepreneur.  It goes against the fleshly grain, but I believe it will bring down His blessing on your business and mine.