When Business Doesn’t Look Good Enough

I am an entrepreneur.  For the past twelve years, I’ve helped run a small business with my wife, who is also an entrepreneur.  I don’t claim to be a highly successful one, but the joy is in the journey, as well as the end.  I am improving.

With that bit of background, I will now share my take on a “bad” business day.  Businesses sooner or later experience them.  They are like a rainy day.  Some days are just going to be rainy, no matter what you do.  (Unless you live on Mars.)

Today, I had a bad business day.  Sales were horrible–less than any first day in an event type this year.  There weren’t many customers.  People weren’t buying.  I used to panic and worry on days like this.  No more!  I’ve learned to see a bad day as a “bad” day.  Here are some reasons:

  1. There is always tomorrow.  Things will probably get better.
  2. Panic and worry don’t help.  They actually hurt.  Panic and worry cause the focus to change to failure.  Focus on failure tends to lead toward failure.
  3. Having a this will pass mindset allows me to stay positive and to focus on things I can do to improve the situation.  Sometimes that is merely pressing on.

So I believe in limiting how “bad” a business day really is.  Don’t panic.  Stay positive.  It will get better.