Using Visualization in Meditation Practice

I use visualization in my meditation practice similarly to how I use Lectio Divina.  The difference is, instead of focusing on the Word of God or an inspirational Christian quote, I focus on visualizing a Biblical truth, like being in the throne room before Jesus Christ based on descriptions in the book of Revelation.  I “experience” being in that throne room in Christ’s presence using a visualized approximation of it.  The words of Scripture birth the visualization.  I want accuracy in it just as I want accuracy in my interpretation of Scripture.  (All of our interpretations of Scripture are subject to fallibility to some degree.)

For example, when I visualize the throne room, I visualize it and experience it in the present moment, because based on my understanding of eternity I believe it is happening now.  From the standpoint of eternity, all things in our future already are.

Experiencing anything in Heaven, not being bound by space-time dimensions, would be experienced very differently from how we’d experience it on earth.  What to us is in the future will have always been from eternity’s standpoint.  That means while I “look forward” to going to Heaven after I die, from eternity’s perspective I’m already there in God’s presence, with my parents, children (including those who died before birth), unborn great-grandchildren, and deceased friends.  I can “go there” and worship with a deceased friend now because in Heaven’s reality, I’m already there.  In my Heavenly experience I sense God’s presence with mindful awareness, communicating with Him through visualization in way that at least approximates reality.