“Set your mind on things above.” — Col. 3:2a (NIV)

Making Money It's OK

Earning income is noble. Why? A minimalist lifestyle requires it, unless you already have everything you need.  I’ve focused for the past few months on reducing expenses.  I, like many others who’d been striving for the “American Dream”, am deep in debt.  I now live a sort-of-Mustachian minimalist lifestyle.  However, I must get out of [...]

Change in Small Steps

“The fruit of the Spirit is…self-control.”  –Galatians The Problem Change is hard.  It often goes against the grain; however, change is essential.  Whether a making a minor course correction or breaking a stubborn habit, life necessitates change.  Facing it can be overwhelming.  Changing by making small steps can make big change possible (and easier). Why? [...]

Focusing on a Few Things

I’m focusing on doing fewer things. Cutting Back on Facebook I’d been in the habit of using Facebook four or more times a day, mostly while multitasking.  Now I limit it to twice a day with little or no multitasking. Limiting TV I’ve cut back to 12 hours or less per week — only watching [...]

Shedding 200 Pounds of Stuff

I’m committed to downsizing in my life. I’ve had two purging sessions over the last two weeks.  Wednesday’s already my trash day, so I’ve added purging to it. Two weeks ago I donated seven pairs of footwear and dumped one, keeping seven pairs.  Of two pairs of flip-flops I owned, I donated the nicer leather [...]

The Flip Side

Wisdom considers the flip side. “The flip side of deficient saving…is overconsumption.”  —R.S. Gay The American two-party system tends to evaluate issues in competing camps. One camp may say, “minimum wage laws benefit the poor by raising their living standards; we support them.” While the opposing camp may contend, “minimum wage laws keep more low-skilled [...]

I know I’m not the first one that’s needed to downsize a collection.  I have figured out that enjoying a fabulous hobby doesn’t demand that one be super rich. I’ve replaced sixty-something piece coin collection with twenty-three coins valued at 95% less than their original counterpart. I believe one can have a terrific collection, yet [...]

When Business Looks Really Good

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote the post, When Business Doesn’t Look Good Enough.  Today’s post is my take on the other side. Today was a very good business day.  It was my best single day this year in the same type of sales event that produced my worst single day two weeks ago.  [...]

I am an entrepreneur.  For the past twelve years, I’ve helped run a small business with my wife, who is also an entrepreneur.  I don’t claim to be a highly successful one, but the joy is in the journey, as well as the end.  I am improving. With that bit of background, I will now [...]

God’s Reversals

I was pondering the reversals of the inheritance status of Jacob and Esau, as well as Ephraim and Manasseh, in Genesis.  I’ve always wondered why Jacob, Isaac and Rebekah’s second-born, was chosen by God to inherit before Esau, his first-born brother.  Then Jacob reversed the blessing on Joseph’s sons, crossing his hands as he pronounced [...]

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