Minimalist Coin Collecting: Transforming a Collection by Downsizing it 95%

I know I’m not the first one that’s needed to downsize a collection.  I have figured out that enjoying a fabulous hobby doesn’t demand that one be super rich.

I’ve replaced sixty-something piece coin collection with twenty-three coins valued at 95% less than their original counterpart.

I believe one can have a terrific collection, yet not spend a fortune.  It will mean, for those competing in Registry collecting (e.g., in PCGS or NGC Registries), much lower rankings.  So what!  It’s not only about keeping up with collector Joneses.  It’s about enjoying your collection.  (Really…most people don’t care about your collection, nearly as much as you do.)

For my purpose, I won’t be collecting circulated coins only. That is a great alternative; however, I enjoy owning some low-cost Gem and Choice Uncirculated coins.  Some Twentieth Century Types are a bargain in MS 65 and MS 66.  In other cases, AU, is a fantastic alternative when MS 63 or better is too expensive.  And in still other cases, such as in Early Type coins, an affordable alternative is quality VG (or even a G 06) to VF pieces.

I will be writing more on this concept.  I hope if you might be a minimalist, you will enjoy this perspective on coin-collecting.