Making Money It's OK

Earning income is noble.


A minimalist lifestyle requires it, unless you already have everything you need.  I’ve focused for the past few months on reducing expenses.  I, like many others who’d been striving for the “American Dream”, am deep in debt.  I now live a sort-of-Mustachian minimalist lifestyle.  However, I must get out of debt and need more income.

Not to Inflate Lifestyle

More income brings the natural temptation to spend more on stuff.  Stop!  If you’re in debt and earn more income than expenses, then almost all of the surplus must go to paying off debt.

It’s OK to Earn Money

Money isn’t evil.  The love of it’s a root of all sorts of evil, according to the Bible.  Money is good when it’s used properly.  Meeting needs–of ours and others–is beneficial.  Eliminating debt is awesome.  Earning lots of money needn’t mean overconsumption.

Building Business

Necessity propels me to pursue more income now, and I refuse to be ashamed.  (I have grieved over past overconsumption.)  I’m an entrepreneur after all.  I like Popeye will eat my spinach and earn with gusto.  If you need to earn more, don’t be ashamed.  Do it!

  • Deb