Jacob’s Ladder

We don’t realize how fortunate we are to have at least a degree of free will.  It’s a necessary ingredient for love.  If we were robots, pre-programmed to do as our maker intended, we could be programmed to perfectly follow The Ten Commandments, for example.  We couldn’t do otherwise, but that’s not love.  Love requires choice.  We must be able to hate in order to love, and be capable of selfishness in order to be selfless.

That’s how we’re made and are able to fall into all kinds of undesirable stuff with bad consequences.  The journey of life is both descending and ascending.  (Remember Jacob’s ladder — the angels are ascending and descending.)  So our broken sub-personalities that seem to be our bane are at the same time a blessing.  Without descent, there can be no ascent.  What do our broken sub-personalities really want?  Redemption?  I think, “yes.”  Every part of us deeply longs for it.

Falling is necessary before rising.  We all do it.  We can no longer blame our parents, society, or Adam and Eve.  Learning to say “no” willingly to what hurts us and others, and “yes” to what is loving is our lifelong mission.  If we get on board with the program, we can truly grow (ascend) to what we really are.  What is bringing heaven to earth?  Maybe it’s this transformation process of dying and rising that is the purpose of this earthly life.  Why not embrace it and love what is?