Helping Others We’re Not Wired to Only Help Ourselves

I’ve been stuck in life more times that I’d like to admit; however, there’s a way to get going, and after that to keep going.  It’s living with an outward focus.  Mere continuous meaningless activity can’t satisfy our deepest desires, though it temporarily satisfies some.

I know it really helps me when I’m helping others.

While it’s OK to focus on ourselves at times, doing it more than we look outward can breed selfishness and dissatisfaction.  We’re not wired to only help ourselves.  We’re social beings so we crave intimacy with others.  Thus, we’re driven to reach out to others.

When we help others, not only are we more fulfilled, but our outlook on our own problems is improved.

This helps me in business too.  I sell on weekends.  I need to make money, but I don’t focus on that.  I focus on connecting with people who walk by my booth, whether they end up a customer or not.  I try to make their day better with a smile and pleasant conversation.  They’re at my market, so they probably are planning on buying something.  Yet, I focus first on making their day better.  I do sell in the conversation, but I don’t push.  Many times they buy something.  I’m grateful when they do and show it.  The customer gets my product (I get the sale.), AND we’ve cheered up each other.

Try helping a friend or a stranger this week.  See if you don’t get a lift too.