Focusing on a Few Things

I’m focusing on doing fewer things.

Cutting Back on Facebook

I’d been in the habit of using Facebook four or more times a day, mostly while multitasking.  Now I limit it to twice a day with little or no multitasking.

Limiting TV

I’ve cut back to 12 hours or less per week — only watching after 8:00 pm on Monday through Thursday.

Daily Tasks

I set tasks on weekdays*, which must be meaningful and work toward long-term goals.  I aim daily to carry out one Major and one Minor (or two Major) tasks.  For example, I have a long-term goal of getting debt free.  A Major daily task toward that would be to list three new items in our business website’s store or list an item on eBay.

On another day a Major would be to write, since that is a lifetime goal.

One Minor task for this week is order a car part.  It’s Minor because while necessary it has less significant impact on long-term goals.

Focus Habits

I practice Focus Habits, which are routines I keep up that also work toward long-term goals.  Examples are exercising 30 minutes on an elliptical on weekdays*, reading two or three chapters in the Bible plus a few verses in Proverbs, and reading at least 10 pages of a motivational or business related book.

The Rest of the Time

Focusing is a process.  I’ve not arrived.  I don’t regiment my whole day.  I do have unwritten/unspoken routines.  I cook most of our meals, empty the dishwasher, mow the lawn, order merchandise, get ready for trade shows, etc., working on doing only one (or two) things at a time.

Why This?

I want to focus my life, reducing distractions, to make time for what’s really important.

*Weekdays for me are Monday – Thursday, my “in home” workdays.  I work outside the home Friday – Sunday.