Entitlement What About Our Wants?

I hope everyone here has their needs met.  (I know this isn’t the case for many.)  Assuming you’re at least there, I’d like to address wants.

It’s my belief that God doesn’t promise to meet all of our wants.

I do believe that God does graciously offer some of our wants.  I know people, however, who feel entitled to most if not all of their wants.  There is gray area here.  We’re unique, with differing personalities, aspirations, and desires (wants); therefore, there’s no “one size fits all” solution.  I’d suggest, however, that a sense of entitlement causes discontentment for many of us, myself included.

Contentment is key.  I believe contentment means being completely satisfied with having all of one’s needs met before having wants met, and being grateful for any wants that are met.  Having a sense of entitlement is the opposite of contentment.  Contentment uplifts, while a sense of entitlement destroys, rendering satisfaction unobtainable.

Try being grateful for everything you have.  I’m using the Lift App for developing the habit of being grateful.  My goal is to post something for which I’m grateful every day (preferably in the morning).  I don’t always do it, but pretty close.  This habit has helped me develop general gratitude, and yes I’m more content.  Try it!