Change in Small Steps

“The fruit of the Spirit is…self-control.”  –Galatians

The Problem

Change is hard.  It often goes against the grain; however, change is essential.  Whether a making a minor course correction or breaking a stubborn habit, life necessitates change.  Facing it can be overwhelming.  Changing by making small steps can make big change possible (and easier).


Making a big change is like climbing a mountain.  It’s hard to tackle head on.  Trying to do more than your skill level allows tends toward failure.  Instead, build a road using switchbacks and climb a little at a time.  Do this with a problem by breaking it into small steps.

If you’re desiring to lose weight and have a mountain of 50 pounds to lose, make a road with 50 switchbacks of losing one pound each.  Concentrate on one pound at a time.  Lots of small one pound victories will lead to the summit.

One Change at a Time

Implement one change at a time.  Don’t start trying to lose weight and quit smoking at the same time.  Once you’re in the groove on the weight loss, you might consider adding something.  You’ve lost 25 pounds in 20 weeks so you consider learning Spanish.  You’re building “adaptive ability”, strengthening your skill of changing, turning your can’t into done.  Implement little by little.