Shedding 200 Pounds of Stuff

I’m committed to downsizing in my life.

I’ve had two purging sessions over the last two weeks.  Wednesday’s already my trash day, so I’ve added purging to it.

Two weeks ago I donated seven pairs of footwear and dumped one, keeping seven pairs.  Of two pairs of flip-flops I owned, I donated the nicer leather pair, since I won’t wear them near water.  What’s the purpose of flip-flops anyway?  This yielded a 53% cut in footwear ownership, mild by minimalist standards, which is something I like about minimalism.  There’s no one size fits all version.  It’s about minimizing.

This week my wife and I–I’m excited to have her involved–purged half of our mugs, and all our coffee cups and saucers.  (We only use mugs.)  In addition to more kitchenware, we rid ourselves of over half of the expired RMAs* from our business.  I tossed some old CDs and DVDs we hadn’t used in years.  All in all, we lightened our possessions by about 200 pounds.  It feels great.

I hope to continue in this vein every Wednesday until we go through everything.  If you feel weighed down by much stuff, might you try this too?

*RMAs:  Defective or damaged items for return to supplier, requiring a Return Merchandise Authorization.